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Orbis will run an analysis of the merchant’s current processing statements, preferably from the previous three months. Through this consultation, Orbis consistently finds ways to improve the security and financial efficiency for our perspective business partners. This consultation is a proven asset that sets Orbis apart from other merchant service providers, and is consistent with Orbis’ hands-on approach to business.



  • Compare current processing fees to those proposed by Orbis.
  • Find any hidden or unnecessary fees being charged to the merchant.
  • Determine if the current merchant account was set up correctly.
  • Review the current pricing model and compare that with the merchant agreement to ensure that they align.
  • Analyze the merchant’s bank statements and compare them with the merchant’s processing statements to identify any reoccurring or duplicate charges that may have been processed without the merchants knowledge



If the decision is made to partner with Orbis, the merchant will need to complete three forms. Please contact us and we will provide them to you.
These forms can be faxed to Orbis: (415) 883-8770


Schedule install

It takes three to five business days for applications to be processed. Once an application is approved, Orbis will contact the merchant to schedule an installation. Unlike other processors, Orbis will install the equipment, recycle or return old equipment to the previous processor, and fully train a merchant’s staff on how to use the new machine.

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