Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments have allowed merchants new flexibility when it comes to processing payments. Orbis is a leading company when it comes to providing mobile payment tools and technology. Our Mobile App allows you to process payments anywhere, and we carry swipers that can be used with any mobile device. A popular choice at farmers markets, craft fairs, various special event forums, concessions, and kiosks. We offer mobile payment options with rates that fit with medium and large size transaction volumes.

The Orbis Advantage

  • Swipers work with any mobile device

  • Our rates make financial sense for medium and large businesses

  • Set up unlimited amount of swipers per account without a monthly fee

  • Integrate with your business software or POS

  • Secure System with PCI compliance

  • Perfect for kiosks or mobile sales teams

  • We BEAT the rates of Square, Intuit, Paypal

point of sales system

A point of sales system, often called POS systems are the location where a retail transaction is completed. The system typically includes a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and a card terminal. POS systems are customized to the needs of a merchant, and every industry will require a system specific to their transaction type. The software behind a POS systems allow for these industry specific solutions. This software can help keep track of inventory, warehousing, labor, financials, and customer relationship management. Orbis can help identify the needs of your business and help set up the appropriate POS system, hardware, and software to integrate with your payment services.

System Examples

  • Quest Point of Sale

  • Aloha

  • Digital Dining


  • PCCharge

  • Squirrel

  • ShopKeep


Credit card terminals allow merchants to process sales with a credit card. They have the option to swipe, insert, or key enter the customers credit card. The credit card terminal then transmits this data to Orbis to process the transaction. Most new terminal models now process gift cards, checks, and the standard debit / credit cards. Orbis offers terminals with a large range of features, many of which are specific to the merchants industry. We can assist you in finding the terminal option that fits your business.

Features of Orbis Terminals

  • Acceptance of credit and debit cards

  • Key Entry (for Customer Not Present mail and telephone order)

  • Tips and Gratuities

  • Refunds and Adjustments

  • Pre-Authorization

  • Remote Initialization and Software update

  • POS Integration

  • Multi-merchant Capabilities

  • Pen or PIN authorization from the customer

  • Surcharge Function

  • Secure Password Operation

  • WiFi – Ethernet – Store and Forward

  • Touch Screen – Color Screen – Handheld

virtual terminals

Virtual terminals and payment gateways are an increasingly popular choice amongst small business owners, schools, and nonprofit organizations that want to process credit cards, but prefer not to purchase a physical terminal, or, mostly accept payments in a card not present (key-entered) environment. This card processing solution is easy to use, convenient, and available so long as an internet connection is established.

We provide online gateways for businesses processing payments online. This includes online stores, recurring payment systems, and mobile payment processing. We can integrate with all e-commerce shopping carts and online stores. Orbis can provide a better rate than our online competitors when acting as your third party merchant service provider. We offer online reporting tools, analytics, and the ability to process ACH transactions. As well as the following:

The Orbis Advantage

  • Process sales from Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover & American Express

  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Filemaker, accounting software

  • Integrate with Shopify, Magento, and other e-commerce platforms

  • View transaction history

  • View purchasing analytics

  • Set up scheduled recurring payments

  • Send email receipts to customers

  • Collect full customer details: name, address, phone, email, notes

  • Multiple devices can charge to the same merchant account

  • Secure transactions – PCI compliant